The organic farming is a sustainable production system which promotes the health of the soils, of the ecosystems and of the people. Removing the use of synthetic quimical products the organic farmer works with the nature in order to produce quality food.

Some of the preventing methods that farmers use against plagues and diseases are such as the biodiversity, renewal of soils and use of green manure.



Since 1924, Biodynamic Agriculture, the oldest green farming movement, has been recognised worldwide for the quality of its production and nutrient-rich crops.

Biodynamics has an independent certification system managed worldwide by Demeter International in Darmstadt, Germany. Demeter International currently represents approximately 5.000 Demeter farms, with nearly 150.000 hectares in more than 50 countries.

Biodynamic farm design and production methods aim to restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony. In constant dialogue with nature, the biodynamic farmer works with a spiritural and holistic approach to create a self-sustaining farm organism. Biodiversity, crop rotation, composting, preventive methods to control pests and diseases and the use of the biodynamic preparations are important tools to maximise health and vitality of soils, crops and livestock.

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